Eclipse of A Woman [Cover]

My Book Cover Speaks of Content:  It's all about Mil 

Choosing book covers can be as important and definitive as what is written upon each page inside.  As you may have read, Eclipse of a Woman is the story of a young woman abandoned through the death of hear parent and left to grow, learn, and develop through means her simple sense tells her are pertinent to life.  She uses others stories, co-workers, friendships and the tidbit of knowledge she did gather from the streets to survive. The 'dark' feminism, sexual yet youthful portrayal of her self and the onset of her adult life is as dark as it appears.   Her character is evolving and with a little luck and care, into a woman.  She uses insight of unwritten survival  pearls which define her level of success over the years leading from black, into grey, as she strives for the bright, happiness she urgently wants.   


Everything begins with someones "bright Idea"

Book Topics

Every book begins with some idea of telling the story surrounding a topic or thing of interest for others entertainment and education.  I began  with Mil at the beginning stage of adult life and flowed onto other books about women educated with lives full of issues  which befall upon all our lives.   

Relationships broaden the life of Milioni throughout Eclipse of A Woman

In truth, this story holds soundly onto the value of relationships and the trust we at times expound upon one another.  She is building and learning to use the friendships founds for her own growth and survival.  Having placed honesty as a criteria Mil mends damaged lives and finds faults with other relationships feeling betrayed.   Over time, she too is learning how to be a woman, exploring cultural differences and using exposure to things outside her natural life for growth.   

Having found her beau, Dean, gives her the sense of stabilty and support a loner is life needs as he falls outside the scope of girlfriends and those feminine relationships which often eventually present their own differences.   He is her happiness and road to never looking back into the poor dowdy eyes she escaped from thus far in her life.

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